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Who really cares…

You are probably more interested in what information, posts you are going to find on my blog than by me. So let’s satisfy your curiosity…

Why ?

I won’t be really original but the main purposes of this blog are

  • to keep traces (who still write manual notes?)
  • to share information

of some of my projects.

What ?

Mostly in the Linux area

  • installation and maintenance of Web server
  • installation and maintenance of VOIP server
  • the discovery of OpenSource software
  • installation and utilization of interesting software

but maybe also some post more related to my work

Whoami ?

Now if you really want some information about me

I’m an industrial engineer, studied electricity and informatic at school, married and father of two fabulous children (mostly when they are sleeping, … just kidding).
I live in Belgium, work in Brussels in the HR world as SAP consultant for already 12 years.
Passionated about informatic and new technologies in general.
Strong supporter of the « OpenSource world », I didn’t install Windows on my personal computer since Bill Gates retired.
Favorite distribution Linux Mint

did you recognize the « whoami » command?

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